Profile of a St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic School Graduate

19103Affirming the mission and beliefs of St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic School and serving as a living example of the value of Catholic education, a St. Andrew graduate:

• Understands the Catholic faith and strives to live by its ideals daily.

• Exudes a healthy respect for self, others and God’s creation in all of its diversity.

• Projects a self confidence that inspires acceptance of the challenges of daily life.

• Values the importance of education and is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, knowledge and higher learning.

• Is well rounded spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.

• Behaves with discipline and dignity.

• Appreciates God given gifts and recognizes the need to share time, talent and treasure with those less fortunate.

• Recognizes and lives by the ideals of good citizenship and social responsibility.

• Differentiates between right and wrong and promotes ethical behavior.

• Takes pride in the St. Andrew educational experience and is ever grateful for the foundation received.

• Serves as a Christian role model and leads by example.