Enrichment Curriculum

19111Our rigorous academic program is complemented by extensive enrichment offerings.


The art program at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School is a studio-based program with an emphasis on the process of art. The formal concepts of art are taught through hands-on exploration. Art history and criticism are covered, as well as aesthetics. Students work in various media such as clay, paint, charcoal, ink, and pastels, which are all employed in the study of drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making. All art instruction takes place in an art studio equipped with spacious work tables, art storage areas, kiln, potter’s wheel, easels, and more. This environment provides students with the opportunity to explore all of the creative processes of visual art.


St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School has an extensive software library. Students in grades Pre-K4 through 7th grade have weekly classes in one of the two computer labs. Early grades work with reading, math, logic, and multimedia software. Lower grades learn keyboarding skills, work with word processing and presentation software, and use subject area software. Middle school students continue to develop keyboarding skills and learn word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, and presentation skills.

19326Physical Education

The physical education program encompasses a variety of team sports, games, and activities. Classes have access to a physical fitness modular unit, a blacktop area, and field areas. The curriculum includes health education, the basic rules of team sports, and skills development through various games and activities using a variety of sports equipment. Students are eligible to participate in after-school team sports – including flag football, volleyball, basketball, indoorball, cross country, dance, and cheerleading – in competition with teams in the Catholic School Athletic League.


Students in Pre-K4 through 7th grade receive instruction in Spanish beginning with vocabulary and building to conversational Spanish.


The school library, which is located in the Tomasovich Learning Center, has more than 16,000 titles and many computers. Students in grades 1-3 visit the library on a weekly basis, and students in grades 4-7 go to the library biweekly. Students learn the proper use of books, how to use the library, and research skills using the computerized card catalog, reference CD’s, and the Internet.


Music enrichment is attended weekly and is comprised of music lessons, choir, and band. Students in grades 3 and 4 can join the Choristers, and students in grades 5-7, the Middle School Choir (after school clubs). Band is offered during regular school hours at St. Andrew the Apostle School through the Archdiocese Band Program.