Lower Elementary School (Grades 1-4)

tn_Academicslower elem1St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School students arrive each day for class with an abundance of curiosity and the desire to learn.  Faculty and staff greet them with open arms, excited to share in the cultivation of lifelong learning.  Students are guided to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to be intellectually curious and independent.


Our daily religion program focuses on our Catholic heritage and provides prayer experiences in class and through liturgical celebrations. Instilling Catholic values is the primary mission of our program. This mission is accomplished through instruction in Scripture, doctrine, morality, sacraments, and family life. Community service is an important part of our outreach ministry.

Language Arts

tn_academicslowerelem2Each grade uses a basal reader and supplemental novels. The students are engaged in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The writing process develops from simple spelling and journal writing in first grade to poetry and report writing in fourth and fifth grades.


The focus of the curriculum is mathematical thinking. The concepts are developed through the use of concrete manipulatives and “mental math”. Computational and problem solving activities complete the program.



tn_academicslowerelem3Our science series, complying with both state and national standards and benchmarks, strives to achieve an integrated program including life, earth, physical, and environmental science with a hands-on focus.

Social Studies

The students are provided with knowledge and skills to enable them to live in today’s society with an understanding that history is an ongoing process. At each grade level, teachers develop an integrated program using a thematic approach.