tn_academicstechnologyAs students progress through the St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School curriculum, students will gain computer literacy through many modes of instruction:

• weekly formal computer class instruction for grades PK4 through 7th in one of our two state of the art computer labs

• 16 unit wireless mobile tablet cart available for use by all teachers

• technology integrated classroom instruction using digital projectors and interactive smartboards which are installed in all classrooms

St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School students learn in a dynamic, stimulating, totally wired and wireless environment in which the use of interactive technology across the curriculum affords students opportunities to access information, manipulate data, synthesize concepts and creatively express ideas while linking the classroom with education resources within our campus, the community and the world.

Using our extensive software collection, early grades enrich their classroom learning experience in computer class with reading, math, logic and multi-media software. Lower grades learn keyboarding skills, word processing, presentation software and subject area programs. Middle School students use the fundamental technology skills mastered in lower grades at higher levels, including making decisions regarding the appropriate application needed to complete an assignment, maintaining and organizing files and folders, and creating and maintaining notes and projects electronically.